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Summer Volunteer Group Update

Hey Summer Volunteer Groups!

I pray you all are staying well in the midst of our current circumstances! By now you’ve hopefully already heard about the changes in programming for Camp of the Hills in 2020. Our staff has been working hard on plans for the summer, and you are still needed and an important part of us fulfilling our mission to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with hundreds of children this summer.

Although your group will not be able to come to camps physical property, here are a number of ways we need your help and how your group can stay engaged:

Food Service Funds: We will still be providing 3 meals/day, 5 days/week starting May 25, and possibly running through the month of August. We are planning to bring on 8-12 volunteer counselors for the summer, starting in late May, to help with several projects. This will include contacting campers to check up on them, making videos to share with them through social media (like Worship times, Bible discussions, Talent Shows, a video of our Crucifixion/Resurrection Reenactments, and lots of other fun things to keep us connected with the kids we love so much). In July we hope we can have our Poiema discipleship camps for 8-16 high school students. If restrictions continue to lift, we are planning for day camps that could serve our local campers. Our hope is to have 20-60 folks to feed throughout the summer. I’m asking if your church is able to donate part of the funds that you usually invest in your mission trip to camp each year.

“Camp in a Box”: We are also looking to do “Camp in a Box” packages for our former campers, with encouraging notes, craft supplies, and pieces of camp they can hold onto. If restrictions are eased as the summer progresses, we may even make some trips to hand deliver these care packages! Your group can help provide supplies to put together these boxes. If you can help with this, let me know, and I can send further details.

Poiema Discipleship Camps: We want to invite some of your youth to participate in our Poiema discipleship program. We will be recruiting a small group of 18-20 year olds who are interested in being counselors and 14-17 year olds interested in being participants for our Poiema camps in July. If you have anyone that fits these age brackets that might be interested, please contact Katie Radford at for more registration info.   

Prayer: Have a special time of prayer during your week of camp. Send written prayers to our counselors and campers, join us in any live stream or videos over social media during your camp week.  

We will truly miss seeing you this summer, but know God is leading us in this unique opportunity to continue His ministry to our campers. I look forward to seeing the good that comes from these challenging times, for camp, and for your group. Thank you for helping us make this summer the best it can be! 


Michael Thames & the COTH Camp Family

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Michael Thames

Executive Director

Michael joined the staff in June 2011 as Development Director. He was a former camp counselor in 1998 & 1999, where he met, fell in love with and got engaged to Cara, the camp nurse. Michael and Cara worked full-time in inner- city ministry for over 10 years and brought children to Camp of the Hills every summer. They have three children, Tristan, Brendan, and Eden. Michael and Cara have a passion for at-risk children and seeing them come to know and be transformed by Jesus.