Volunteer & Service Opportunities

As we continue to grow and expand God’s ministry through Camp, it is important to broaden our base of committed supporters. For many years Camp’s Board members have been the financial backbone of insuring that all financial needs were met. These committed individuals used their blessings from God to give sacrificially to the needs of this ministry. They have shouldered the load of cost; not only of operating the camp but also the construction of all the facilities that now exist.  Along with literally thousands of volunteers and donors, Camp of the Hills is no longer just a dream.  It stands ready to introduce the love of Jesus to thousands of young souls in the future. To continue this ministry we must find new ministry partners. Please prayerfully consider investing in what God is doing through Camp of the Hills. Your prayers and your involvement will make the difference in the future of so many children.

Ways to Get Involved

Manual Labor / Construction
  • Cedar Clearing
  • Renovation Projects for Facilities
  • Bird Blinds
  • Bat Houses
  • Composting Bins
  • Garden Fencing
  • Garden Beds
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Butterfly Gardens / Trails
  • Aquariums  & Terrariums
Expertise / Consultation
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Native Plants / Wildscaping
  • Native Plants / Foraging
  • Wildlife, Tracks, Scat,
  • Orienteering / Survival Skills
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Apiaries
  • Riparian Systems
  • Bird Watching
Adventure Guide
  • Choose a focus / emphasis according to our curriculum.
  • Choose the age levels you would prefer to work with.
  • Complete a training course provided by Camp of the Hills staff.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Dates of trips & day camps in need of guides will be confirmed with you a month in advance.
Donation Drives
  • Look through our in-kind donation lists for ideas of items.
  • Contact us to see what items are of highest priority for the current season.
  • Organize a donation drive with your church, family, or other community organization.

In-Kind Giving Program

Camp of the Hills serves over 3,000 people each year through summer camps, retreats and volunteer programs. Much of our ministry programming is offered at little or no cost, affording children and low-income families an opportunity to experience God in the unique camp environment. We value your help in achieving this mission by volunteering your time and expertise to help off-set our annual budget.

For updates or questions, contact Alicen Bessire at 409-789-3145 or alicen@campofthehills.org.

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