Immerse Discipleship & Internship Experience

Desire a deeper relationship with God?

Interested in taking a gap-year to redefine and redirect the next steps toward your future?

Want to grow in your leadership abilities and gain valuable work experience?

Interested in using your skills and degree plan in year-round camp ministry?

Purpose: The Immerse Experience at Camp of the Hills are designed to equip young adults with a deeper understanding of Christ-centered leadership through the development of professional skills, hands-on ministry opportunities, and intentional discipleship within a Christian camp environment. This occurs through behind-the-scenes work, up-front leadership opportunities, interactions with campers and guests, mentoring relationships, and working alongside Camp staff and volunteers with a shared purpose and vision.



  • 18-19 years old
  • between high-school and college/vocation
  • looking to grow in their spiritual life and build life skills before moving on to college or the workplace.



  • 19-20 years old
  • initial college experience/credits
  • looking to take a gap year/step away from their studies to refocus, decide next steps, strengthen their faith, gain work experience, etc.


Internship – College Credit

  • 20+ years old
  • university junior/seniors
  • official internship required/useful for completing degree plan
  • wanting to build skills in their field while also serving in a ministry/camp setting


Internship – Work Experience

  • 21+ years old
  • recent college graduates
  • gain work experience while using your degree to serve in a ministry/camp setting.
  • build up resumes/portfolios after graduation to prepare for next steps into a full time career.

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