Poiema is a Discipleship and Service Program for highschoolers’ ages 15-18 who are seeking to have an opportunity to grow spiritually while playing an integral role of service to summer camp at Camp of the Hills. Poiema camp sessions are two weeks long and provide a unique and enriching opportunity for students to learn and grow through serving others and diving deeper into discipleship study.

This is an opportunity to be challenged and grow through teamwork, service, community, accountability, and study.

Participants will be immersed in a spirit-filled community and challenged to learn and grow. While participating in Poiema, students will turn in their cell phones so that they can be focused and rejuvenated by their time here at Camp of the Hills.

During the Poiema program you will get to play a vital role in the functioning of camp while diving deep into study designed specifically for you and your time at camp. In serving the camp you will participate in a variety of activities and jobs, this can be anything like helping take out the trash, assisting with special interest classes, doing special work projects, and generally helping keep camp running smoothly. There will be counselors to assist and guide you in these tasks. When you aren’t participating in service and work projects, there will be specific and meaningful time set aside and planned for you to be able to study and be discipled by each other and the program counselors. This will be a time to go deeper into scripture, be challenged, and study life with Christ. During the weekend and some time throughout the week, you will get to be a part of activities and adventures with each other and your counselors.

If you have any question you can call/text our Poiema Coordinator, Katie Herbert at 830-385-6725 or email at poiema@campofthehills.org

Poiema Camper 2024 Information

  • Session 1 ($120): June 3-15 (FULL SESSION)

  • Session 2 ($120): June 17 – June 29

  • Session 3 ($120): July 8 - 20

  • Session 4 ($120): July 22 - August 3