Outdoor Education Overview

Our Philosophy

Outdoor Education fosters students’ connection to nature and gives us an amazing opportunity to connect classroom content to the outside world by giving kids hands-on experiences that intrigue and inspire them. Camp of the Hills has offered summer camps for nearly 30 years and has noticed the impact that being in nature can have on the kids who have rarely gone outside to explore or who do not have the privilege and environment to do so. In a desire to love and serve our community all year round, we are developing outdoor education content to include both academic as well as adventure based curriculums in order to offer unique outdoor learning opportunities in the areas of science, math, art, conservation, sustainability and much more!

Whether you are coming from a public school, private school, homeschooling group, community organization, or church youth group, we want to partner with you to build a customizable outdoor experience for your kids. We have activities and curriculum available for kids ranging from Preschool to High School levels and a trained staff that can differentiate any of our activities to your individual needs and interests.

A word from our Outdoor Education Director:

“My personal goal is to encourage ourselves to be in awe of creation, to reconnect us to our place in its grandeur, to emphasize good stewardship of its resources, and to inspire that sense of adventure, curiosity, and confidence that will help future generations have a positive impact upon the world around us.”