Summer Camp 2021 – Counselors and Staff

Are you interested in serving some incredible kids alongside a fantastic staff dedicated to exuding God’s love over the course of a summer? Well, Camp of the Hills could be just the place for you! 

Each summer, a dedicated team of young adults work together to help kids better understand how much God loves them. Counselors do this through outdoor activities (sports, swimming, ropes course, canoeing, and fishing), creative outlets (arts, crafts, music, dance, and a talent show), and faith connections (Bible studies, worship times, devotionals thoughts, a crucifixion/resurrection reenactment). All these activities and more help create opportunities for campers and counselors to build meaningful relationships, giving campers the chance to ask questions of / learn from positive role models and allowing counselors to use their own gifts while gaining an appreciation for the goodness and resilience of the campers.

While many camps cost between $800 – $2,000 per week, Camp of the Hills specializes in working with youth from low-income / at-risk communities. To ensure that the kids to whom we are called to serve can afford to attend, CotH only charges $60 per child for a week. This allows us to target kids who would not be able to experience a week in the outdoors otherwise and surround them with a diverse group of mentors that reflect their community.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it looks like to serve at Camp of the Hills, check out our YouTube page! A small group of counselors created some great content over Summer 2020 while campers couldn’t attend, and you can get a feel for who we are and what camp is like through some of those videos.

 The application for Summer 2021 is available now! We’re already excited about all the great folks we’re going to hire!

If you want to learn more about serving as a counselor at Camp of the Hills, get in touch with our Camp Director. You can call or text, Kristina Bell: (737) 251-3649  or by email at

Summer 2021 Calendar Information

  • Training Week: May 28 - Jun 5

  • Week 1: June 6 - 12

  • Week 2: June 13 - 19

  • Week 3: June 20 - 26

  • Week 4: Jun 27 - Jul 3

  • Off Week: Jul 4 - 10

  • Week 5: July 11 - 17

  • Week 6: July 18 - 24

  • Week 7: July 25 - 31

  • Week 8: Aug 1 - 7

  • Week 9: Aug 8 - 14

  • Staff Banquet: Aug 15

    End of Summer Chill & Move Out: Aug 16 – 18

APPLY NOW for all Summer 2021 Counselor & Nurse positions

All applicants must be 18 or older by Training Week of 2021.

Join us this summer!

Thank you for your interest in serving deserving children from low income communities at Camp of the Hills. Here, our summer staff truly acts as the hands and feet of Christ in our efforts to reveal His love to each camper. Our desire is to love God’s children by noticing and praising the godly attributes they possess and devoting our time and attention to encouraging them in every moment. Through sacrifice for the sake of the campers we hope to live out God’s command to carry each other’s burdens and build each other up. Camp of the Hills brings together a unique and diverse group of believers, all of whom are sacrificing their summers to unite for a common mission. The culture of this place builds community among the staff that will continue after the summer and beyond camp grounds. You will find being a part of what God is doing here a rewarding experience.

Have a Question?

Contact our Program Director, Kristina Bell (737) 251-3649 or

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