Summer Camp 2022

Staff Overview

For each summer, we strive to hire a group of young adults that are passionate to discover and expand their leadership ability through ministry. Our vision for you as part of our summer staff is that you will be able to comprehend the deep love that God has for you. Despite the good works that He wants to do through you, He is far more interested in what He wants to do IN you. He is not calling out for the perfect but rather for those who have the willingness to go through the internal process that summer requires.This means that all you have, is all you need! 

Through this position, we offer a life changing experience to help find the path that God has for you in life. Over the course of a full summer, you will be met by many obstacles that will challenge you to develop and strengthen a more Christ-like character. Through becoming a part of Summer Staff, you have the opportunity to invest your ability to serve and pour out God’s love to a new set of campers every week. Your commitment would be to attend our full summer agenda, including our Training Week, which will give you the ability to prep and discover some of the ways you can succeed in your summer experience. 

There is both a spiritual and physical aspect to your responsibilities as staff members. Spiritually, you will learn how to connect with the campers through everyday activities that will help impact their perspective on obstacles they could face in life. Physically, you will be challenged by heat and endurance during the outdoor activities. We believe in the ministry that God has deposited in you and the truth that He speaks over your life. We hope that your interest guides you to apply, and gives us the opportunity to go more in depth into what your summer can look like!

For more info, contact our Summer Coordinator, Kevin Ohorán:

  • Call or Text: (254) 300-2816.
  • Email:

OR, go straight to the “Apply Now” link below to fill out the application!

Job Opportunities and Descriptions

The primary responsibility of a Summer Camp Counselor is to be the main connection and direct leader for our campers. This is someone who is gracious, gentle, generous, others-minded, adaptable and team oriented. The cabin counselor will be assigned a new group of campers every week, Monday through Saturday. Throughout the week, they are expected to teach, guide, and support the campers with encouragement, love and participation in activities. You will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of activities that may include Bible study, dancing, arts and crafts, archery, slingshot, canoeing and more. 


  • 18 – 26 years of age
  • Full Summer Commitment + Training Week
  • One year separation from High School
  • For former camper applicants: at least one Poiema discipleship experience preferred

The primary  role of a  Servant Staff Counselor is to have a servant’s heart for others. This is someone who is faithful, available, and teachable and whose leadership is rooted in service. In addition to being a Summer Camp Counselor, a Servant Staff member is also responsible for leading certain summer activities as assigned and for setting the example of integrity for fellow counselors.


  • Former Counselor
  • Full Summer Commitment + Servant Staff Training Week
  • Adaptability, Humility, Servant’s Heart, Willingness to put other first

The primary role of a head counselor is to have a shepherd’s heart. This is someone who is influential, encouraging, and whose leadership is rooted in mentorship. Rather than being a cabin counselor, they will assist the Summer Camp Coordinator in leading all Summer Camp Counselors and activities. During the summer they will work alongside the Summer Camp Coordinator to supervise counselors, to be a channel of communication, and to provide guidance as necessary. During the off-season, they will also work along with the Summer Camp Coordinator in recruiting and in certain areas of summer planning.


  • Former Counselor
  • Full Summer Commitment  + Leadership Training Week
  • Diplomatic, Decisive, Adaptable, Respectful, Humble, Engaging

The primary responsibility of the Summer Coordinator Assistant is to aid in all the administrative duties related to summer camp. During summer they will work alongside other office staff to provide necessary documents, data entry, printouts, electronic files, organization, and be able to run errands for Summer Coordinator and Head Counselors.


  • Former Counselor
  • Full Summer Commitment + Leadership Training Week
  • Driver License
  • Proficiency  in Google Docs (Word), Google Sheets (Excel), Google Slides (Powerpoint)
  • High organizational and communication skills

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All applicants must be 18 or older by Training Week of 2022.