Outdoor Education

Public Schools

Alicen Bessire

Meet Our Education Director

As Outdoor Education Director, Alicen creates our curriculum and lessons and meets personally with each group to customize their activity plans. She has 5 years experience as a classroom teacher in both public and private school settings and is familiar with TEKS, NGSS, and Project Aero. She is also very passionate about cross-curriculum integration, nurturing kids’ creativity, and supporting English language learners as they learn new ways of expressing themselves.

Separation of Church and State

While Camp of the Hills is a Christian organization and is registered as a religious non-profit under 501c3, we respect and honor the codes of conduct and the ideals of separation of church and state as upheld in our national constitution. Should a public school or other entity wish to participate in our Outdoor Education program, we are willing and able to provide activities and content without integrating faith-based ideologies. We love and respect people from all walks of life and value the opportunity to positively interact with our community in whatever way we can.

Curriculum & Standards

Our Outdoor Education Director has 5 years experience in the classroom in both public and private school settings and has experience with TEKS and Next Generation Science Standards. When developing an Activity Plan for your trip, we will work with your classroom teachers or administrators to align our activities to various content and process standards of your choosing.

Schedules and activity plans are custom-developed according to your group’s interests and needs.

Nature/Sustainability Units Outdoor Appreciation Team Building Indoor

– hiking

– insect collection

– plant observations

– garden walks

Biomes & Ecosystems

– around the world

– local

– aquaponic systems

– water composition & microscopes


– the chemistry and biology involved

– decomposers (worms, fungi, & bacteria)

– various composting methods

– soil amendment

Human Impact

– Usage & consumption awareness

– Pollution & corrective actions  

– Energy, technology, & renewable vs. non-renewable resources

– Sustainability Practices
– Historical perspectives & local insights

– land formations, erosion, & changing landscapes






– flora & fauna id

– native vs. invasive plants


Landscape Art

– painting

– drawing

Rock Art

– stacking

– mandalas

Reading with Trees

– outdoor book-nook with hammocks & chairs

– read alouds, silent reading, partner reading

Low Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

Camping (Survival Skills)
– building a shelter
– setting up tents
– building a fire
– local edible plants
– purifying water

– building a raft

– using a compass


– Sand Volleyball

– Basketball

– Kickball

– Gaga Ball

– 9 square in the Air

– Soccer

– Cornhole

Indoor STEM challenges

Recycled material builds and crafts

Map making

– snakes/lizards/turtles

– spiders/insects

Nature Collages

Natural Dyes

Theater & Skits

Native History

Minute to Win it games

Program Rates

Half day

8am – 12pm  or 1pm – 5pm

3 activities per camper

Full day

8am – 5pm

6+ activities per camper

2 days/1 night

8am – 5pm the next day

9+ activities per camper

$6 per camper

(snack provided)

$5 per camper

(snack brought by group)

$15 per camper

(snack & lunch provided)

$10 per camper

(snack & lunch brought by group)

$25 per camper


$5 per meal per camper

$1 per snack per camper

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